Тесты по Английскому языку для детей

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Now the test will begin. Tick the correct answers.

1.1.   to school.
1.2. Mr Brown  home at 7.15.
1.3. How  after school?
1.4.   I do my English homework. Then I do my maths homework.
1.5. Mary and Dave  here now.
1.6.   you play tennis?
1.7. I hate  in the rain!
1.8.   skate?
1.9. My birthday is  march the twentieth.
1.10. John and Ann ski  the winter.
1.11. What  ?
1.12. The students are at school today, but they  any lessons.
1.13. Tom is in his room. Heb  with his computer.
1.14. Please  like that!
1.15. What  to wear to the party?
1.16. Jean  do any homework tonight.
1.17.   jeans are really nice!
1.18. Your trousers are  tight.
1.19.   buy tickets for the concert.
1.20. Where  last night?
1.21.   a moment, please!
1.22.   a coke?
1.23.   in London today?
1.24. What time  last night?
1.25. Susan  here yesterday.
1.26. The green box is  than the blue box.
1.27. Susan's work is  in the class.
1.28. Tom gets  marks than Bill.
1.29.   room is our classroom?
1.30. The weather today is  than yesterday.
1.31. It's a blue rucksack  a metal buckle.
1.32. She  her camera.
1.33. I   that film.
1.34. It's  river in Europe.
1.35. My new bike is  than my old one.
1.36.   to New York?
1.37.  eaten raw fish.
1.38. The film is  than the book.
1.39. How  are your bags?
1.40. "Will you write to me?" - "Yes, I  ".
1.41. He  be late.
1.42. They  eat all those chocolates today.
1.43. You  to the doctor.
1.44.   get up early every morning?
1.45. I have to  the washing-up every day.
1.46. What  to do when she was working in the supermarket?
1.47. They  the shopping every Friday.
1.48.   a sandwich?
1.49.   to go to the cinema.
1.50.   at home?
1.51.   a lot of money with you !
1.52.   home by taxi.
1.53. If you  now, you'll catch the train.
1.54.   him if he asks me.
1.55. She plays the drums  .
1.56. They arrived  .
1.57. I'm sorry,  write to you last year.
1.58. "Don't forget your jacket." - "Don't worry, I  .
1.59. The actors are  by the film producer.
1.60. Where was the money  ?
1.61. There are  books in the cupboard.
1.62. There aren't  chairs in the room.
1.63.  see them tomorrow but I'm not sure.
1.64. If they  me to the party , I'll go.
1.65. What  if you miss the last bus?
1.66.   your homework yet?
1.67. Tennis  in the park in the summer.
1.68. How often  ?
1.69. They  last year.
1.70.   in the hotel was very friendly.
1.71. I've never been  in Africa.
1.72. What would you do if  ?
1.73. If we were rich, we  .
1.74. They  since they were children.
1.75. She felt happy because she  her exam.
1.76. There were  people in the room.
1.77. I haven't got  money to buy that CD.
1.78. He asked  help him.
1.79. I told him  late.
1.80. They  like sailing.
1.81.   have a pet when you were younger?
1.82. It was  big city that we got lost.
1.83. He told  a funny story.
1.84. She said that she  to Paris.
1.85. She said that she  speak French.
1.86. I asked him where  .
1.87. He asked me if I  to the party.
1.88. They asked me  .
1.89. I think they give us  homework.
1.90. Do you mind  these books?
1.91. They agreed  early.
1.92. He isn't  get a job.
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