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Tick the correct answers.

1.1. Water  at a temperature of 0 C.
1.2. In some countries  dark all the time in winter.
1.3. In hot countries people wear light clothes  cool.
1.4. In Madeira they have  weather almost all year.
1.5. Most Mediterranean countries are   in October than in April.
1.6. Parts of Australia don’t have  rain for long periods.
1.7. In the Arctic and Antarctic  a lot of snow.
1.8. Climate is very important in   people’s lives.
1.9. Even now there is  we can do to control the weather.
1.10. In the future  to get a lot of power from the sun and the wind.
1.11. Millions of   around the world now use the Internet almost every day
1.12. The majority of children in the UK  access to PC.
1.13. Learning to use the Internet is not the same   learning traditional skills.
1.14. Most of us start off with email,   is fairly easy to use.

Below is a letter written to the ‘ advice’ column of a daily newspaper. Tick the correct answers.

2.1.   to you because I
2.2.   what to do. I’m twenty-six and a
2.3. teacher at a primary school in Norwich where  
2.4. for the last five years. When I  there for a couple of years,
2.5. one of the older members of staff  
2.6. and a new teacher  appointed to work in the same department as me.
2.7. We  together with the same classes during her first
2.8. year and had the  up a good professional relationship.
2.9. Then, about eighteen months after  
2.10. in Norwich, she decided to buy  house.
2.11. She was tired of  in rented accommodation and wanted a place
2.12.   . At about the same time,
2.13.  notice by the landlord of the flat
2.14.   in and she asked me if
2.15.  to live with her.
2.16. She  me that by the time she
2.17.   the mortgage and the bills
2.18.   wouldn’t be
2.19.   left to live on. She suggested
2.20.   share the house and share the costs. It seemed like a
2.21. good idea, so after  all the
2.22. details  needed to be sorted out, we moved into the new house together.
2.23. At the end of this month  
2.24.  together for a year and a half. It’s the first time  with anybody
2.25. before, but  what would happen. I’ve fallen in love with her and now she’s been offered another job 200 miles away and is going to move. I don’t know what to do. Please give me some advice. Yours in shy desperation, Steve.

Now tick the correct question tag in the following items:

3.1. Steve’s off to China,  ?
3.2. It’ll be a year before we see him again,  ?
3.3. I believe he’s given up smoking,   ?
3.4. I’m next on the list to go out there,  ?
3.5. Nobody’s disagreed with the latest proposals,  ?
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